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In September 2000 on the birth of my second son, I composed a soliloquy which over time became known as False Relation – a musical term for harmonic dissonance. In that moment I became obsessed by the idea that one could unconditionally love a newborn child despite not knowing who they were to become.

It wasn’t until 2012 – in adding to the piece – I unwittingly began writing my first solo record, TONIC – a highly autobiographical collection of music which reaches musical fruition this year!

from an original print by Niki Medlik

TONIC is performed by an amazing all-star band featuring Mark Lockheart (saxophones and bass clarinet), Laura Jurd (trumpet and flugelhorn), Raphael Clarkson (trombone), Ralph Salmins (drums), John Parricelli (electric guitar), Tom Herbert (double bass), Robin Mullarkey (electric bass), Dedi Madden (acoustic and electric guitars), Caroline Dale (cello), Richard Harvey (recorder) Walter Mets (percussion) Ghatam V Suresh (ghatam) Angeline Morand, Carmen Daye & Lauren Christie (voices)

with STEVE BAKER – piano, wurlitzer, rhodes, nylon guitars, cuattro, hammond organ, melodica, vibraphone, balafon, and voices.

String arrangements performed by The Hungarian Studio Orchestra conducted by Peter Illenyi