skills & equipment

Composer, Record Producer, Mix Engineer, Musician

with the amazing Sammie Jay – Abbey Road Studios 2019

Record Production

Providing encouragement, support and advice to the artist.
Understanding and maintaining direction of the production.
Liasing with all parties so as to bring everything together and over the finishing line as efficiently as possible.

Pre-Production – may include:

Musical Arranging
Transcription/notating/preparing scores and parts.
Preparation of session files/click tracks etc.
Recommending musicians, recording studios, recording engineers, conductors & copyists.
Engaging orchestral contractors for larger projects.
Discussing release forms.

Recording Sessions – may include:

Liasion with the recording engineer as to choice of microphones/preamps and placement.
Geography of the live room and communication between performers.
Additional microphones can be supplied (see below).
Directing the sessions.
People skills 😀

Post-production – may include:

File management, editing, and preparation of multitrack files for mixing. Cleaning up and general preparation of audio and where neccesary tuning.
Preparing mixes for Mastering.
Attendance/consultation at mastering process.

Instruments Played: Piano/keyboards, Guitars, Percussion, Voice



Neumann Vintage Fet47, Vintage Neumann U87. 1970’s Schoeps, 1980’s Sony C48, Neumann KM184 (x2), Royer 121 ribbon microphone, AKG 414-B ULS, Audix SCX25 (x2) and a few others.

Semi-portable recording/mixing rig:

Adam S3A monitoring, Pyramid LoFi reference monitoring, Genelec 1029A Monitoring.
Neve 1081, Universal Audio 6176, SPL Channel One preamps.
Tube-Tech SMC-2B Multiband Compressor.
Lexicon Mainframe 480L and 224XL reverberation. Lexicon PCM90 reverb.
Extensive Software Plugins include UAD, WavesAudio, DMG, Soundtoys, Lexicon, Melodyne and Antares etc


Prophet 5 Analog Synthesizer, various other synthesizers, soft synths/large sample library. 1976 Fender Rhodes Stage 73 electric piano. Nord Stage 2 piano – English dulcimer – Singh harmonium, Melodicas.

Gibson J-45 acoustic guitar,  Alhambra nylon guitar, Fender American Standard stratocaster and Fender Jazz Bazz. Gibson SG, Squire Telecaster, Gtretch Banjo, various ukuleles including Bass ukulele. Charango. Sitar Guitar. Orange Tiny Terror guitar-head, Kemper profiling amplifier. Various FX pedals

Paiste Cymbals, extensive percussion, various hand drums including Djembe and Clay Darbuka, Black-Panther Snare, . Lamellophones. Xylophone.